Monday, March 3, 2008

I could have talked about other senses. About what looks the most realistic, what sounds most peaceful, what feels to your fingertips the most accepting. Yet I choose to talk about taste. Not to be different, as usual (contradictory and dual meaning intended); but because I realized right now, after I puked that it was one taste in mouth that was certain, universal. It didn't change with what I had. It didn't alter to my liking of the precursor. It didn't care about the cause. But it was there. Not produced, but existing within Ready to come out at the call of disaster.
The way my mouth tastes; exactly the same way it has every time I've puked. That taste has a feeling of disaster, vulnerability, monstrosity, carelessness passing by you. Remnescent of not what wrong you did (or had in this case) but what it has left of you. Its like a voice of purity within; wiping the tastes of deeds and estblishing its own. Or if not purity then atleast personality within. Reaction to unacceptable. Reaction to denial. Reaction to greed. Reaction to pretence. Reaction to recklessness. Reaction to LIE. Lingering on your tongue. Reminding you to be aware of it, if not careful, next time. Because thats the only certainty you can assume. Not how or why will it come, but what it would be or what it would leave when it does come.
(Is that why Science of Ayurveda considers Pitta i.e. bile to be part of Human Nature?)

Saturday, February 16, 2008


To Dhimoy Da

Consciencs in the coma
its getting worse.
Thoughts getting strayed
is it unforgiven curse!
Fabricated dreams, sustained violence
Cold blood, vague visions;
Shadows of old sins...
Show the Sun to me,
show me the green grass..
smoke in the house,
shall I break down the glass...
I have surrendered,
I have taken the disease.
Nightmares getting darker,
help me rest in peace.