Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Waiting for that moment of miracle,
we forget the essence of miracle.
Miracle comes by,
We; too ignorant to seek it.
The morning forth, waking up;
we curse the almighty that
our life has no miracles...
To that Almighty answers.. "Hope"
and then again..
We are waiting for that moment of miracle.
................Ami Misra

But miracles don't exist,
Life goes on.
Our gift, our curse;
this is where we belong.
For hope with you, or far;
You must live.
Not just hold on,
but fight and believe.
Look straight in
eyes of burning Sun,
vow that you shall never run.
..We are no mere fighters;
We are Survivors....

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bicycle Song

I whistle
I whistle
on my Bicycle.
I'm no kid,
stil I need,
ride on my Bicycle.

Sex and Parties.. Please don't say.
Rum and Vodka.... Please don't say.
Smoke and Cigarettes.. Oh..Please..Don't..Say..

Tie and a White shirt.. is all I need.
Good grades, Black Robe.. is all I need
A girl to Kiss.. is all I need.
One home to return.. is all.. I'll ever.. need.

Oh I've grown up.. little too fast.
But all that shines.. is not gonna last.
I search the garage for my old toys;
but all thats there is, some drunk boys..
I don't know them, I don't know me.
I don't know where I got to be.

but stil,
I whistle
I whistle
On my Bicycle.
In my dream, loud I scream
On my Bicycle.
I'm no kid
stil I need
Just one.. ride.. on my Bicycle.


What is more Important? What you see or what you believe? And answer is not simple, because this is not a movie. If one day, Morpheus is actually sitting on a chair across the table with Blue and Red tablets with one in each hand; will you, not Neo, but YOU with your Genes, Parents, Environment, Upbringing, Friends, all that is yours and unique, actually pick up the tablet or try to wake up from the dream? Will you believe that you are an entity destined to do something you never imagined but always dreamed of or you will you believe the psychatrist who says you are a schizophrenic and take his fucking medicines to stay in this mediocre but apparently real world?
Choice is hard, isn't it?

Child of Pain

With all my Grace gone,
All my aura just falling down,
watching me; helpless Angels,
given up on me; Almighty.
Here I am,
here I am with my tears.
All the color vanishing by my sight,
all the valor fading into the night
One spark that I behold
I can not save
One life I was foretold,
is now empty grave.
Venom that my blood bears
Love it was called;
Death my life shares,
hope was its name.
All is Dark,
all is gone;
But I shall linger here,
for I was born;
Child of Pain,
thats my truth.