Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Battle Begins

When I'll die
In a place so high
I will survive
in the burning sky.

My blood is shed
my strngth is gone.
I look for a home
where I belong.

It rains so heavy
its been so dark.
My burning scar
is my victory mark.

Bound by the spell
and I don't know whose.
Fighting a war that I can not lose.

I refuse to leave,
I refuse to lose.
But the forseen end,
I can't refuse.

I ill kill you,
or shall i die
Or meet those gone,
who make me cry.

I will face you,
we'll end it then.
Destinies will strike,
but I don't know when.

Look out for death,
look out for me.
There won't be an end
for you to see.

Harry James Potter to Tom Morvolo Riddle

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krazee said...

so your blogging is almost always in poetry form? It's good I mean, really cool. But kinda unusual.