Monday, July 2, 2007

Lone Bird

All the things of the past,
All the things that are done;
it dawned on me at last,
there ain't no way but to run.

Through blood & fog, see the flag,
bargain your soul for a gun.
Smoke won't blind you no more,
all bullets are spent but one.

Its easy to turn & leave,
or die, standing head held high.
Sun blazing azure dome,
lone bird singing battle cry.

Sudden smile spread on the face
like a bolt shines up the sky.
Lone bird whistles a secret,
through wind thats passing by.

Just load the gun one last time,
feel the barrel, steel and cold.
Close your eyes for the dream,
you let your soul behold.

Its just your bullet in your head,
soul on wings goes soaring high.
Lonely & free I lived, all along,
and thats how I had to die.

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