Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'll Let U Be..

I let u mess around with me
I let u have it ur way.
I let u hurt me so easy,
I let u, just let u get away.

I think i've learnt my lesson;
at least I like to think so.
I've been trying so hard for so long,
still haven't learnt how to say NO.

I let u run, let u play,
break the glass on window.
I let u rain, let u shine,
let u drag me, walking shadow.

I let u jump, let u bleed,
let u come running, u had to cry.
I let u smile, let u hide,
let u ignore me standing by.

Not any more; no, not any more.
I won't be around,
I won't open the door,
No, not any more.

I'll let u fail, let u forget.
I'll let u frown & let u wait.
I'll let u turn your eyes away from me;
My anguish, kick hard; I'll just let u be.

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